More than the gritty retelling of a motley squad’s experiences in an endlessly
puzzling war, War Without End, Amen puts the personal aftermath of
Vietnam in our living rooms, our hospitals, the backseats of our cars.
                                             —Charles Brunt, Albuquerque (NM) Journal

Coder’s portrayal of the infantryman’s lot in the field is brutally accurate
down to the vernacular, equipment, fatigues, sleep deprivation, and the
perspiration. Humping rucksacks and weapons over interminable mountains,
enduring razor cuts from saw-grass, feeling the burn of insect repellant, and
shivering under a poncho during monotonous rainstorms—this is the world of
the infantryman.
          —Raymond V. Millen, Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute